Blog #10 - Need your opinion on the design

Blog #10 - Need your opinion on the design

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We're finalizing our wheel and just need your opinion on the aesthetics. We put up some concepts to assess which core design people liked. We standardized the colors and will have another post about colors to see which people like most.

Last week, we held a design contest and got hundreds of responses. By far, the mesh design got the most attention.

Last week's results are in:

People really liked more of a mesh design, Design E


Here are the designs that people voted on:

Design A

Design B

Design C

Design D

Design E

After this, we decided to take that concept and see if we could manufacture it. We learned that the spokes. Unfortunately, Design E as it stands was not manufacturing friendly because of thin wall thicknesses and not strong enough.

Aw shit.

So based on the data we got, we decided to pursue more of a mesh design and here is what we came up with.

Note: We are contemplating experimenting with a dual hard and soft tire for progressive tire compliance. This way, you get more of a pneumatics tire deflection curve, but it shouldn't have the poor pneumatic rolling resistance which would kill acceleration and range - it should resemble more of a PU tire. 

The softer material is blue and the harder material is the black/grey color. There is a lot of urethane there.

Design F

Design G


These designs are actually manufacturing friendly!

A lot of people were worried that they don't look comfortable, but from our tests and user rides, they are pretty smooth.

Here is a comfort video:

Here is a user testimonial (note: this is just a quick ride and by no means an actual complete review by other users). Coming next post!

Doug and Andrew


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