Blog 11: Wheel Development Update - ***NEED TO FINSIH

[Insert picture of the hweel on the board]

Mold changes and Durability testing

We got a new set of molds done. We had a lot of difficulty to get the wheels casted concentrically, but finally got a lock down on that. The major issue has been trying to get the tread connected to the tire. We have been working with our supplier constantly and making a lot of progress.

[insert picture of the molds]

We had some premature wear so we changed the thread design. Playing around with different stiffness curves and donig a lot of beta testing and design changes against new wheels, such as the Cloud wheels. 

[Insert stiffness graph]

You can see the stiffness of the wheel compared to every other top wheel in the category. Tested the new cloud wheels, but was pretty underwhelmed with the performance. The top speed is great, but the acceleration, grip, and the traction were very poor. Atually wiped out.

Today, we were preparing for a acceleration tests, which were completed. Now the goal is to put on as many miles as possible on the wheel and make changes as needed.

The wheels are in fact just as quick off the line as the stock Kegel wheels. Yet they are more comfortable than all the other wheels. But we will validate those claims soon enough.


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