Blog 2: How the Wheel is Wheel-y, Wheel-y Important For Performance

Blog 2: How the Wheel is Wheel-y, Wheel-y Important For Performance

The range of electric vehicles comes down to a few variables.  For cars like a Tesla, there are four key metrics: tire rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag, vehicle mass, and ancillary electric load.  The importance of each varies depending on speed, as the charts above show.  At highway speeds, aerodynamic drag takes precedent.  For your Boosted Board, the one we want to focus on is rolling resistance, assuming you've got your best tuck figured out to get aero drag low.

The rolling resistance of your wheel, and therefore the range, itself depends on a variety of factors.  Things like the diameter of the wheel, the hardness or durometer of the polyurethane used, and the width of the contact patch all affect a wheel's rolling resistance to varying degrees.  It's also important to keep in mind that changing these variables will impact other parts of your ride besides range, like ride quality, handling ability, top speed, and acceleration.

Our goal at Free Range is to produce wheels that increase comfort, grip, and top speed while not impacting too much the acceleration and stability that you love about your Boosted Board.  That way you can go further and faster than ever before!


Doug and Andrew

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