Blog #32: V2 Hollow Wheels Comfort are shipping January 20th

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great thanksgiving and are getting read to celebrate the year's biggest Holidays.

I have some big news:

  • V2 Hollow Wheel Comfort are complete with production
  • Everyone that has has not received their V2 Hollow Wheels Comfort will have their orders fulfilled
  • New review of the Hollow Wheel PRO by city Surfa
  • Prices will be increasing for Hollow Wheel Comfort in about 1 week. For the lowest price on the Comfort Hollow Wheel, get them now. Currently they are $119, but they will increase to $149.99 shortly. Get yours now ( 

The V2 Hollow Wheel Comfort will be arriving by the 20th of January. The factory is packing the wheels this Tuesday and they will be boarding a shipping boat right before Christmas. We have learned a lot from the shipping experience of the batch 1 and think we will be able to get through the shipping experience as fast as possible without USA customs issues.


V2 Improvements: I listened to your feedback

  • I have improved the bearing fitment
  • I have decreased the negative camber a little bit to increase grip
  • Drastic improvement in reliability and core to tread bonding

Notes: What did not make it yet to production

  • Boardnamic and Revel Kit with Kegel pins will still hit the covers, but with slight modifications, they can fit. On my to do list is to create a video to help guide those that need some help. I had made a surplus of Wheel covers and have yet to consume inventory so I will have to make a slight tool modification later this year.

Hollow Wheel PRO review by City Surfa (

Corey has the best cinematography in the electric skateboard scene. He reviewed the Hollow Wheel PRO and said this, "I give them a 5-star, especially for the comfort."

Use his discount code "CitySurfa" to get reduced pricing on anything on the site, except for Hollow Wheel Comfort.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.



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