Blog post 3: Couple weeks of progress!

Blog Post #3: Our Progress So Far

The wheel is responsible for every imaginable performance aspect of your ride - top speed, acceleration, handling. Take a look at some the wheel designs on the market and see what we can find out.

Our Performance Goals - the Comfort, grip, top speed.

Why can't we have a wheel that is comfortable, but is grippy, and doesn't totally murder acceleration and top speed? We are aiming to achieve a top speed of 26mph (this would be on a V1/V2 Boosted board... but depends on the torque of your own custom setup). We are creating our own wheel structure and urethane to reduce weight, but maintain structural strength to achieve these performance goals. There are a couple of wheels that speed hack your board for an increase in top speed, but they murder board range and acceleration.

We're looking for your feedback on what the community wants. We want to take a different approach and ask the community for style feedback as we continue to iterate our design. We're designing it for the urban commuter. We want as much feedback from everyone and will be asking for a short list of beta testers in southern California and near Austin, Texas.

Here are a couple of spoke designs with varying wheel stiffness, weight, diameter, and contact patch. Later, we'll finalize the style and color, but this is the baseline.


Computer Simulation

We use a simulation methods called FEA (Finite Element Analysis), which is a computer simulation to assess performance of the wheel. We're using FEA to determine exactly how much weight we can reduce from the wheel, while not compromising the strength of the design, to get both the best ride comfort yield achieve the speed, range, and acceleration goals.


First prototypes and 3D printing

After a lot of assessment, it's time to make the prototypes and see how it all works out. We're 3D printing the wheels and making our own urethane casting molds to run the first few tests for preliminary validation. 

Urethane Overmold Making 

These are the molds that we are going to cast urethane into. We're going to cast over the wheel as pictured above.


Doug and Andrew


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