Hollow Wheel and Manufacturing Blog Post #23

Hollow Wheel and Manufacturing Blog Post #23

Hello Everyone,

Another quick update, we have finished a lot of our production initial production issues:

  • Cosmetic Issue: Flow line on the outside of the wheel. - Fixed
  • Tested and finalized the logo printing - done

One thing left to do is fixing the core color - they are green. But this is coming.

The not-so-good news is that the factory has been shut down for a week so far because of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it could take another week to start again. China is seeing a major resurgence of COVID. Let's hope the production team stays safe over there and we can get back to work. My factory is in Shanghai and so this is causing some issues.


I will update timeline on when the batch is completed and they board a plane. It will be very soon.


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Thanks Doug,
It’s finally getting close to delivery time and getting super excited about them. Thanks for all your hard work. It’s been a marathon for you and it’s nearing the end!


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