Hollow Wheel Manufacturing Update #24: Back in production!

Hollow Wheel Manufacturing Update #24: Back in production!

We are back in production!

Fortunately, no one in the factory was injured and they all made it through the lock down. 

Factory said that wheels, if all else goes well, should be finished with production and inside retail boxes on June 20th. Then they board a boat to USA to begin shipping. This includes the suspension inserts as well. I don't have pictures of those yet, but I'll share when I do.

I got one set and have been looking at the quality and starting to create content for the launch.

I'm proud and feeling triumphant. Thanks for all your patience.


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Guys an asshole and took them over a year to deliver the product. Steer clear. Plenty of much better companies out there for cheaper.


Hey Kien,

It will lose a little bit of flex, but not that much. Let me know if you have any questions. Reach out to me at hello@momentum-boards.com

Doug Hoang

Greetings, I just ordered a set of these wheels after extensively doing research for a wheel to fit the new board I have on order (comes with cloud 120). I live in L.A. so the streets can be pretty rough, so I wanted a comfortable and safe wheel. After I placed the order, it occurred to me that if I put in the insert, the safety/comfort level might decrease drastically due to the rigidity of the insert. That thought came to me because of that cool ass pot-hole video where you can see the Hollow wheel nearly fold in half. If I were to
put in the insert w/ full weights, how much of a flex would the wheel have over that same pothole? I can’t imagine it being nearly as flexible and thus losing a lot of safety. Do you think this is a valid concern? Thanks for your time and all the blood/sweat/tears/$$ you have put into this product to advance ESK8 wheels to the next level.


Lets goo!! Glad to see things moving along. Will have to put in my order again soon.


Hi Jacob,

Yes, all pre-orders are shipped in this shipment.

Doug Hoang

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