Hollow Wheels arriving 9/9 to /16 - Blog #28

Hollow Wheels arriving 9/9 to /16 - Blog #28

Hey All,

Update on shipping container

The factory said the shipping container of wheels got delayed due to inspection at the port in China. They said they are estimating the arrival of the entire batch at my warehouse from 9/9 to 9/16.

It will take us about a week to fulfill.

From the 27th to the 4th, I will not have any internet access so I won't be able to respond to calls or emails. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

"It [Hollow Wheels PRO] grips fantastic. Probably the best street wheel grip I have had so far." - Fred of ESK8Unity, Youtube.

Review from ESK8Unit on Pro Hollow Wheels coming on the 5th or so of September!! 

I am super excited to have ESK8Unity review my Hollow Wheels Pro. The review is coming shortly and will be posted on Fred's channel: https://www.instagram.com/esk8unity/

 chose Fred (ESK8 Unity) to be the first to review the Hollow Wheels because I think he is an excellent rider and creates quality content; he strives to to provide very unbiased reviews, and thinks a lot about the pro and cons of a product from many different perspectives that may align with a lot of riders. He is also a great guy with great character (he recently gifted probably $1000+ worth of electric skateboard and related equipment to a homeless man).

Price Increases on Hollow Wheels PRO

For now, I only have Hollow Wheels PRO. I will be increasing prices around 9/9-9/16 or whenever the Hollow Wheels arrive at my warehouse. If you want to upgrade now and ensure the lowest prices then contact me at Hello@momentum-boards.com. Prices are increasing by 25%.

Hollow Wheel regular are sold out for the time being and may not be getting more inventory for 3 or more months or so. Still getting more data from the factory.

Recap of my journey

The Hollow Wheels has been a personal project spanning 2 years and I fought through COVID and the ensuing global supply chain crisis. This has been the result of years of sleepless nights, stressing over every little detail, working day and night, and never ending delays that were out of my control. I'm super grateful to all my early supporters and for all the initial beta testers that were brave enough to try out my hand made wheels.

The Hollow Wheels PRO are designed for riders that want no compromise grip. It's by far the lightest wheel in the category and just about as light as a 85mm Caguama wheel, but grips so hard that in a skid pad my legs literally give out (due to high, sustained load... riding in a circle for 10 minutes at a time is like feels like holding a 140lb squat for 10 minutes) before I can break traction.

I have been seeing a trend in wheels wherein they are constantly getting larger but exceedingly heavier, which has adverse effects on the nimbleness and agility of the board. I began to miss that and so it was my goal to bring back lightness. I think the result is something very special.

I devoted thousands of hours to testing and developing, using as data to guide my decisions to make the grippiest wheel that I could.

Here is an example of a skidpad (pretty much a big circle and riding as fast as possible to yield the lowest lap time possible. Faster lap time = more grip.)

I gave Fred my very first and only production set that I have on hand so he could make a video in time for the Hollow Wheel official launch. All orders will be fulfilled soon as my shipping container full of already almost sold out Hollow Wheels hit USA land!

Shipping container is expected to hit US soil in a couple of weeks last I heard from the supplier!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from Fred's first ride today!

r/ElectricSkateboarding - ESK8Unity <> Hollow Wheels Pro


r/ElectricSkateboarding - ESK8Unity <> Hollow Wheels Pro


r/ElectricSkateboarding - ESK8Unity <> Hollow Wheels Pro

Here are some pictures over the years!

r/ElectricSkateboarding - ESK8Unity <> Hollow Wheels Pro


My custom rolling road durability simulator - it can simulate rider weight of 600lbs and subject a wheel to hitting a .5 inch bump at 35mph (AKA over 90,000 bumps in a matter of minutes!)

Countless iterations of wheels. I went through 10-15 (I lost count) iterations of the wheels over the years to increase durability and performance.

r/ElectricSkateboarding - ESK8Unity <> Hollow Wheels Pro


The early days of me hand casting wheels and the initial production of the first set of wheels!

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