Hollow Wheels Pro and Regular are now shipping

Hollow Wheels Pro and Regular are now shipping

I have a couple of announcements:

  1. We got the batch of Hollow Wheels both PRO and normal. I am organizing everything and shipping. More on that below.
  2. I have increased all prices on Hollow Wheels across the board due to inflation, but if you have an order and you want to upgrade to PRO, this is your very last chance. Contact me at Hello@momentum-boards.com
  3. 2nd batch of regular Hollow Wheels is almost done and about to go on a boat. We are all sold out of regular as of now. I am launching another pre-sale tomorrow with discounted pricing for the first 15 people. More on that below.

I am preparing everything to start shipping on Friday or on Monday. You'll be seeing tracking numbers come in after 9/29! There is a lot of organization, inspection, and counting to make sure I get the orders out correctly so that is why it is slated for 9/29.

Only a fraction of the wheels and still unpacking and sorting.

Last Chance to upgrade to PRO Hollow Wheels for $20

ESK8Unity says they are the grippiest street wheels he has tested so far. Check out his video if you haven't already seen it. If you're a grip addict, then I made these wheels for you. If you have an order with the Normal Hollow Wheels and want to upgrade, send me an email at Hello@momentum-boards.com

Regular Hollow Wheel Pre-sale. Next batch arriving in November.

There has been a lot of requests for the normal Hollow Wheels and those are in production now. They are finished with production in a week or so now

Pre-sale for Regular Hollow Wheels are in production and being completed in a week. Then it goes on a boat to the USA to be arriving in November.

First 15 orders will get 15% off.

Check it out here: https://momentum-boards.com/products/reg

My thoughts on crossing this life milestone: Watching the truck pull up and seeing the pallets get pulled out of the truck was one of the most fulfilling and exciting moments recently. It has been a long journey, spanning somewhere around 3 years and involving many challenges. 

This was a crazy journey, one of the hardest and most stressful, but they’re here. I’ve designed and mass manufactured a lot of things (including a V8 and V6 engines, clothing with embedded sensors that can measure human body movement and recreate a real-time, fully motion data quantified 3D avatar on an iPhone) but as an employee or using investor’s capital, but this is the first major project that I funded 100% myself and did nearly everything else myself.

I had to develop everything from scratch, from all the 3D printed molds, creating all the sales channels, marketing strategies, the website, the videos, the crazy durability testing machine that can simulate 100,000 impacts from pot holes in a matter of minutes, the thousands of hours of durability testing, the head scratching when the wheels broke, the head scratching when trying to figure out a solution to the issues, the $100k that I spent and not knowing if I’ll get a return, dealing with the many haters that I would never finish and that this was a scam and I am a fraud, the endless customer support emails, the 30 blog posts, the many 4 or 5AM nights working with suppliers, the many supplier negotiations, the many pep talks to suppliers to not lose hope and that this was going to finally get past the durability phase, the amazing conversations with so many of you, the endless support from the amazing community, the great people that were willing to risk their board and their skin to test my wheels, and everything else in between.

I never thought that I would have to deal with a global pandemic, a crashing economy, and the most extensive and frustrating global supply chain crisis. But I did it. I emerge from this with more confidence and many new business lessons that will be beneficial to my other companies, and most importantly a group of friends that will be enjoying the thing we all help contribute to - the Hollow Wheels.

Thanks everyone!

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Love supporting extremely dedicated individuals who love what they do! It really shows in the end product. Cannot wait to skate these when they arrive. Love to see what else you come up with in the future. Keep on rockin 🤘


Appreciate all of the updates, can’t wait to skate on these wheels!!!

Jason Gayler

Preordered over a year ago and have followed the project closely. You have reached a very exciting milestone! Your dedication and transparency with the project has been like no other and it makes it very easy to support your project without any fear! I am incredibly excited to finally try out these wheels after over a year of waiting!


It’s been a saga! Can’t wait to try them out, you’ve certainly put in the work


Never doubted you for a minute Doug. You did the hard yards and made it to the finish line. Amazing work and can’t wait to see the finished product when it arrives. Congrats man, you made it all happen.


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