Hollow Wheels at the Port and ESK8 Unity Review. Blog #29

Hollow Wheels at the Port and ESK8 Unity Review. Blog #29

Hey Everyone,

The Hollow Wheel shipment has been sitting at the port and I’m trying to figure out how to get people to get off their butt and get the shipment to my warehouse.

It has been at the port since the 3rd… I live like 20 miles from the port. With any luck, they should be here by this Friday. See below:



Price Increasing 25% by est. Friday (9/16)

We still have some Hollow Wheel PRO wheels unclaimed. The PRO is increasing 25% in price as soon as the wheels hit my warehouse, which is an anticipated Friday. I will provide a blog post with pictures as soon as they do. Customers already that have placed orders will not incur additional cost.

Current customer wanting to upgrade to PRO?
If you're a current customer that wants to upgrade, you can do so for the pre-order discounted rate and pay a difference of $20 - email me at Hello@momentum-boards.com.

Why are PRO more expensive than regular?

The material cost is substantially higher than the regular Hollow Wheels as the material used in the PRO are a similar compound as automotive tire racing compound.

If you're a rider that wants the ultimate in grip, then the PRO is the wheel that you'd prefer over the regular.


Hollow Wheel PRO Review by ESK8Unity


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ESK8Unity concluded that these are the grippiest street wheel on the market. It would really stick to the ground. As much as I would push it, it would always keep traction. No matter how much I tried, it just wouldn't break traction.


Why did I launch the PRO at the same time as the regular?
While I was in the R&D phase, I tested and came across the material for the PRO and the regular. The PRO was a more expensive but more grippy version whereas the regular was more balanced between grip and comfort. 

The material best suited for regular, unfortunately, had a very long production lead time. Whereas the material best suited for PRO had a short lead time. So I decided I would launch both since the molds are the same but just a simple material change. The PRO did not add to any unnecessary lead time. I am incentivized to launch fast anyway and not wait.

New Batch of Regular Hollow Wheels Placed

We are out of stock of regular Hollow Wheels and I have kicked off the factory to make more Hollow Wheels (only regular). I will keep the blog updated on the next shipment of Regular Hollow Wheels. Anticipated for early November delivery.

Please let me know if you guys have any questions.


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Any updates on when the first batch is going to ship to customers?


So psyched I’ll be able to get some NY fall riding in this season on my Hollow Wheels. Thanks for continuing to push through all the delays!


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