Hollow Wheel Manufacturing and Shipping Update #13

Hollow Wheel Manufacturing and Shipping Update #13

Hey Everyone,

We are still in the tooling process as outlined in the timeline below.

The vendor is still machining the revised production molds. There was a 1 week Chinese Labor holiday. I had to finalize some DFM (Design for Manufacturing), they had some questions and had to make a couple of small changes in order to make sure urethane could be injected properly (we also changed a lot of mold lines and other things to get production efficiency and defect rate to be better).


Note: You might have to zoom in


Green represents a completed task and yellow is in progress. The tooling is slated to be completed on the 25th.

They are still in tooling phase and the tooling phase is being completed on the 25th. That is a firm date from the manufacturer. Then they are making the batch, which is about 5-10 business days. Then it ships, but I still have to get a firm date on how long shipping can be. Depending on how expensive it is to air ship, I will air ship, which is about 2 weeks (more if they get stuck in customs). If shipping is insanely expensive for air shipping, then I would have to do boat, which is about 4 weeks. I am pushing for air shipping of course, if I can afford it without going bankrupt.

The wheels will be in full black and have the final logo printed.

By the way, here is the final box too:

I plan to test 50 sets of the wheels out of the 200. All we are doing in this testing sequence is checking to see if the quality is good from an aesthetic to production. I'll throw them on the test rig as a check. Since I have a plethora of data on how they fail, it will be pretty quick to identify if we are in the clear or not. This is why the testing is only a week.

Then if they check out, then it ships from there.
Thank you all for your patience. I am so sorry there continues to be delays but I hope that my full transparency provides some sort of relief. Feel free to reach out any time. 

Here on out, I will provide a weekly report and just be as transparent as I possibly can.

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