Hollow Wheel Manufacturing & Shipping Update 4

Hollow Wheel Manufacturing & Shipping Update 4

Hey Everyone,

First, thank you for being patient and supportive. The finish line is almost here. I apologize for the delay and I appreciate your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to punch me on the face. Sorry.

Cliff notes: a couple more weeks before things get to production. I think it is early to middle January, but I am 100% confident it won't be later than that.

It has been a great couple of weeks of testing. Everything is finished (well, still waiting on a couple more parts for the test rig to be done) and I have been tweaking the wheel - the compound, in particular. The geometry seems perfect and I am now just trying to put miles on the wheels and trying to break them. So far, I don't see any problems with it after some wheel tearing downs (AKA - cutting the wheel apart and looking for any cracks or anything bad). No cracks. Nothing crazy. It's very comfortable and grippy. I am impressed.

What is next?

  1. Put 2000 miles on several sets of wheels with the newest compound
  2. Inspect wheels for damage
  3. Color correct and printing
  4. Start Production

Item 1 is the longest, but the test rig is nearly complete and that will enable me to put on 2000 miles at 50 mph inside a week. Then a tear down. I don't expect anything bad to happen, but that is the long lead item. Color correction is very simple, about 4-6 calendar days. Then Production of the wheels is quick at about 10-15 calendar days. 

The target deadline after all these deadlines, I think is next Friday (12/18). I should have a really clear idea and my hope is to start heading into production.

Why the delay?

Had to make some compound changes to the wheels; had to go through some iterations.

The first samples were too hard, measuring at 95A, when it is supposed to be 80A. A big relative difference, yes, but no major tool change or anything really drastic so it isn't too much of a set back. A setback nonetheless.

Also my skateboard got stolen so I had to wait a couple of days to borrow a friend and buy another. My friend, Vince, let me borrow his Verreal RS and that allowed me to start putting miles on them. Here are some pictures of it mounted:

Lastly, the test rig is waiting on a couple more parts and so I was in an annoying holding pattern. More on that in another post.

On Tuesday (12/8) I got a second sample set from the factory, which is softer and closer to the spec (89A). Since then, I have been trying to put on as many miles as possible and have given them to a couple of friends to put miles on them too.

 Here is some of my friend's feedback so far on the 95A version compared to the TB110 wheels:


Here is some pictures of the wheels on a Flex:

Here are some videos of me riding on some not so great roads:

My plans for accelerating testing:

The answer is the testing rig. I am missing a couple more parts to the testing rig, but here are some pictures of it. This will enable me to simulate a rider weighing 250lbs and over 1" bumps at 50mph in 130F weather. The parts come in on Sunday and I hope to get everything up and running on Sunday night or Monday.


From the survey, a lot of people wanted white to dye and the other half wanted black. This puts me in an awkward situation because the MOQ is really high. So I am working with the factory to understand the costs, but I am trying to launch with two colors since there is so much interest in both. I should have an update sometime next week with more information on the plan there. 

By the way, here is the finished rendering and graphic printing of the wheels:


Thanks again for everyone's support and patience. I really appreciate it. It is going to be worth the wait. I promise.


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Really appreciate how awesome you’ve been about keeping us in the know with your frequent updates. With every one you send out I somehow manage to become more excited to finally try them out. The finished render looks dope, I dig the subtle teal-to-pink swoops in the black.


They look really cool. I’m getting a little ache but I’m hoping it will be worth it.

Hugo Coreas

It’s great to see how old those babies are getting better and better! Rather take your time to make them perfect before you start Shipping Even though I can barely wait and I am so keen to finally give them a try!

Axel Oberstebrink-Bockholt

Really enjoy reading the updates. Wheels are almost ready – awesome


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