Blog 34: V3 Hollow Wheels - More grip, comfort, and range

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I have been developing the V3 Hollow Wheels for the past year, doing a lot of new testing and development. I have the first V3 wheel now complete and I need some beta testers. I am looking for people over 250lbs, in the USA, and are in warm climates - the hotter the better.

The V3 are the best wheels I could make and I used data and feedback over the past year to drive the design. I'm personally blown away with how grippy and comfortable they are. I changed the entire internal structure of the wheel and redesigned completely the material. They should handle much heavier people now.

I only have a couple of units so it's first come, first serve and they will go to the person that lives in the hottest climate - like Florida, Arizona, Texas, etc.

I need someone to put a lot of miles on them as fast as possible.

Here are some pictures.

They are wider, much soffter, internal structure is completely redesigned to allow for better load distribution and more contact patch. I can run a softer material but without decreasing range. 



On the left, is the V2 Hollow Wheel. On the right is the V3 Hollow Wheel. I made entirely new molds and new structure (color isn't finalized).


I dialed in the negative camber exactly to the material as well for better grip.

I also redesigned the suspension insert to allow it to increase range and grip as well. I'm very excited.

Who is heavy and can beta test!?


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