2023 Black Friday Deal

Starts NOW till 28th of November at 11:59 Pacific time (California time)
  • Tier one - Up to $15 in gifts: for all order value above $30 receive. You will receive a Free belts gift (up to $15 value - Enter "15OFFBelt")

 How to apply discounts 

  1. Add items into cart. 
  2. Proceed to checkout screen 
  3. Enter discount code (click around)

Note: To get the discount, add the items into your cart, then checkout. At checkout, you will see the discounts applied.

Note 2: If you found a loop hole and were able to achieve a free item it if does not follow the tier structure above, you will be invoiced the item; it won't actually be free.

You must add the items into your cart, if they are not added, then they will not be shipped automatically. Whatever is in your cart is what will be shipped to you.