End of Year Sale Till 31st of December at Midnight

Hollow Wheel Comfort: $85 in gifts with purchase of Hollow Wheel Comfort Pre-sale (shipping January 30th).


Hollow Wheel PRO: $55 in gifts with purchase of Purchase of Hollow Wheel PRO (ships now).

What is the difference between PRO and Comfort? Pro is 20% more grippy than Comfort. However, the impact and vibration absorption of the Hollow Wheel Comfort is 20% higher than PRO.

If you want all out maximum grip, go with the Hollow Wheel PRO. If you want all out maximum comfort, go with Hollow Wheel Comfort.

 How to apply discounts 

  1. Add items into cart. 
  2. Proceed to checkout screen 
  3. Enter discount code (click around)

Note: To get the discount, add the items into your cart, then checkout. At checkout, you will see the discounts applied. Discounts only apply when you have purchased the Hollow Wheels.

You must add the items into your cart, if they are not added, then they will not be shipped automatically. Whatever is in your cart is what will be shipped to you.