Memorial Day Sale🌟 $10 off Hollow Wheels + $40 worth of Free belts! 🛹

Memorial Day is nearly here and we are celebrating from now till June 1st. 

⚡ For one week, discounts with Hollow Wheel
  • $10 off of all Hollow Wheel Models ( Enter "MemorialHollow" at checkout

  • $40 worth of FREE belts ( Enter "MemorialBelts" at checkout. You must purchase a set of Hollow Wheels for this discount to be active.

    The Hollow Wheel is packed with value, providing a smoother and more grippy ride for your Boosted. Check out these amazing features:

    ✅ Extreme grip - made from automotive racing tire compound. Highest grip wheel on the market. Period.

    ✅ High Comfort - Innovative hollow core design for reduced weight and improved shock absorption

    ✅ Enhanced stability at high speeds, perfect for adrenaline junkies

    ✅ Minimal battery range loss but maximum performance

    Thank you for choosing us. Happy riding, and enjoy the thrill of spring! 🌱

      Happy riding and enjoy the thrill of spring! If you have any questions, reach out here or on website chat.

      Best regards, 
      Doug from Momentum Boards