Quick Disconnect Instructions

  1. Remove the bolts.
  2. Put the red plugs in place of the two middle bolts.
  3. Screw in the fasteners on each corner of the battery.
  4. Don’t press the latch down too much; you could trip out the threads in your deck. You only need to press the latch down lightly where the latch does not freely rotate under it's own weight. You shouldn’t be really forcing it down - it should only feel like you're using 2lbs of force to press the lever down toward the board.
  5. Note: Depending on how your board was manufactured, the latches may not be perfectly inline with each fastener. In otherwords, the levers may not be parallel with the length of the board. The most important thing is to have adequate preload on the lever so they do not fall out. 
  6. Press the red plugs in tight because they can fall out if you don't press them in enough. You should periodically check and press them in because there is a lot of vibration on the board and they can wiggle out if they are not pressed in all the way.

 Please feel free to reach out to me at Hello@momentum-boards.com if you have any questions at all. 

If you are happy with the product, I will ship a set of free belts if you leave a review on the Amazon page. Email me when you do!

Note: If you press down the latch like the Hulk and strip out the threads in your board, we will not cover your deck. You do not need that kind of force to press the lever down at all.

Here is a video: