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Momentum Boards

Add 3mph+ Boosted Board Belts | 200+ mi | Full Warranty

Add 3mph+ Boosted Board Belts | 200+ mi | Full Warranty

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Add 3mph+ More Top Speed Boosted Board Belts 

  • AS GOOD AS Boosted: 200-500 miles range*
  • RISK-FREE WARRANTY: 150 miles or 1 month (whichever comes first) - If it breaks, we replace for free
  • 1 set includes two belts
  • Compatible: V2, Plus, Stealth, Mini - fits on all models except for V1 Board
  • Not compatible: with stock gear ratio pulleys (go here instead)

Details about the Pulley Kit - 3mph+ Higher Acceleration! Cheapest way to get more top end!

Who is it for?

  • Riders with Boosted that want even Moooaaaaar speed!
  • Those don't care as much about acceleration, but want more speed!

What are the fine details?

  • Made from impact-resistant urethane
  • Designed to last 1,000+ miles
  • Comes with 500-mile risk-free warranty
  • 1 purchase is 2 pulleys
  • Compatible with V2, V3, Mini, Mini-X, Stealth
  • Stock pulley belts do not fit on these belts. 
  • Comes with two specially designed Momentum Belts for this bigger pulley kit

***Claims are based on 80mm Boosted Wheels on a V2 Boosted Board. These are different sized pulleys, so the standard Boosted Belts don't fit.

I promise you that you'll receive the best customer support you will ever receive ever. Reach me at any hour at 

*Mileage: depends heavily on riding style, wheel configuration, and rider weight. A 250+ lb rider with a larger diameter than factory wheels that brakes hard and accelerates hard (repeatedly) will have significantly reduced mileage than a 150+lb, stock wheel configuration, gentle accelerating, and braking rider.

**Shipping: Orders placed after 8am ship next day, then it is picked up by USPS. Orders do not ship on weekends and holidays. COVID can provide unexpected delays according to USPS. Check the shipping estimates upon checkout for the best shipping time estimate.

Check out the video of the belts here:

Check out Mike's review video here: