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Hollow Wheels PRO: Maximum Grip | Premium Electric Skateboard Wheels

Hollow Wheels PRO: Maximum Grip | Premium Electric Skateboard Wheels

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High Comfort and Grip Performance. All the benefits of a big wheel with none of the drawbacks.

Click here to see the research and development journey! 

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Hollow Wheels PRO

Hollow Wheels PRO was designed for maximum grip. This compound allows for predictable riding-at-the-limit of grip, allowing you to dance around the limit of grip and seamlessly transition into board drifts (if you possess excellent board control skills). Like any high grip tire, it will wear faster than regular Hollow Wheels. The rate of wear is dependent on your weight and riding style.

  • Comfortable: 20% increase.*
  • High Cornering Grip: 30% increase*
  • Adjustable Suspension**: tweak the wheels with suspension inserts to get your perfect ride.
  • Top Speed: Increases over smaller wheels*
  • Great Battery Range: minimal impact compared to 110mm wheels**
  • 1 order comes with 4 individual wheels

Tech Specs:

  • Max Rider + Board Weight: 180lbs. Your warranty will be voided if you are above the weight. This is a strict guideline.
  • Variable Diameter: 105mm x 95mm
  • Contact Width: 65mm
  • Weight: 299g
  • 80A durometer: Minimal chunking for more durability!
  • Patent Pending

     *Compared to 85mm Caguama Wheels; 20% less comfortable than Hollow Wheel Comfort. For max comfort visit Hollow Wheel Comfort.

    **Suspension inserts are an add-on accessory

    Designed for High Comfort.

    We spent 2 years developing this wheel to roll over the worst potholes:

     See how the ALL the popular wheels react to bad streets. 

    Impact absorption in super slow motion

    We got a 500 frame per second slow motion capture and ran the Hollow Wheels and others against a giant pot hole. Must watch: See how the Hollow Wheels are superior at impact absorption compared to competition.

    High Grip Engineering

    Our wheels have integrated negative camber for faster turn-in response and higher cornering grip. This is designed like a Formula One race car. As you corner harder, you unlock more contact patch when you need it. This reduces rolling resistance and increases range when you are cruising along.


    Notice the outside wheel folding over to unlock more contact patch and as a result unlocking more grip. 

    Minimal Impact on Range.

    In this range test, the Hollow Wheel consumes only 2% more battery life than the stock Boosted Board Wheels. 


    Notice that the inside wall is completely solid. The wheel has a taper to it (one side is bigger than the other) for two reasons:

    1) Reduce rolling resistance when cruising straight.
    2) Massive grip and turn-in response in a corner.

    When you're going straight, you have a smaller contact patch and you're riding on the solid part of the wheel. So it mimics a road bike. Small contact area and low rolling resistance. However, when you start carving, you unlock more grip because the wheel folds over and exposes more contact patch (65mm).

    What is an "Adjustable Suspension"?

    You can customize your ride to exactly how you want it. Want to coast longer? How about more grip?

    The Hollow Wheel provides a fully adjustable suspension in the form of different inserts that can be inserted into the hollow wheel to adjust the stiffness, weight of the wheel which affects rolling resistance and grip.

    Heavier the inserts will increase coasting while steadily decreasing comfort. The lighter insert will improve comfort, but reduce coasting distance. This depends heavily on the rider weight and riding preference. Having the insert inside the wheel will improve grip by increasing stiffness

    **This does not come with the Hollow Wheel. This is a separate purchase. 

    Lightest Wheel In Class.

    The Hollow Wheel weighs 299g whereas the competition comes in at 568g per wheel. 

    A lighter wheel will improve grip, acceleration, braking, and range. Most notably, a lighter wheel will help keep the board feeling agile and able to help you rotate the board with less effort. This is called "turn-in" response.

    Whereas a heavier wheel will decrease acceleration, braking, and make the board feel more lazy and harder to turn. With more mass, you need more energy to move the object. 

    Real Reviews.

    "No matter how much I tried, it just wouldn't break traction."

    ESK8Unity concluded that these are the grippiest street wheel on the market. "It would really stick to the ground. As much as I would push it, it would always keep traction." 

    "The Most Grippy Street Wheel I've tested to date" by RB E-Motion

    This is the most comprehensive update to date. A must watch!

    "Most Comfortable Street Wheel"

    Watch this video. You won't regret it. How does it compare against Cloud 120D, ABEC 107, and TB110s, and more?? It will be worth your time... and it is entertaining too.

    Hollow Wheel Unboxing Experience

    "Pretty solid compared to any other 105's or 110's I've ridden. Definitely will say the feeling of them is like NOTHING ELSE."

    Anthony Vogt, 6 years of Boosted Board Riding Experience


    Thank you to Justin Yee @just_rcr (Follow him on IG) for taking the amazing photos. Hit him up at for photo and video inquiries.