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LiftBoard Belt - Fast Shipping | 200-500 mi Range | Full Warranty

LiftBoard Belt - Fast Shipping | 200-500 mi Range | Full Warranty

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LiftBoard Belt - Factory Quality for half the price.

  • AS GOOD AS LiftBoard Belts: 200-500 miles range*
  • 2-5 DAY SHIPPING: Faster if on the west coast, slower if you're on the east coast.
  • 1 set includes one belt
  • Compatible: Single and Dual Motor

    I promise you that you'll receive the best customer support you will ever receive ever. Reach me at any hour at

    *Mileage depends heavily on riding style, wheel configuration, and rider weight. A 250+ lb rider with a larger diameter than factory wheels that brakes hard and accelerates hard (repeatedly) will have significantly reduced mileage than a 150+lb, stock wheel configuration, gentle accelerating, and braking rider.

    **Shipping: Orders placed after 8am ship next day, then it is picked up by USPS. Orders do not ship on weekends and holidays. COVID can provide unexpected delays according to USPS. Check the shipping estimates upon checkout for the best shipping time estimate.