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Boosted Board Pulley Kit

Boosted Board Pulley Kit

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Boosted Board Wheel Pulley Kit

We provide a variety of Boosted Board Pulleys. Whether you want higher top speed (26mph+ on V2) or higher acceleration... or you want to switch to a different type of wheel (Cloud Wheel or ABEC 107, for example), we have a pulley that will fit your application.

  • Made from impact-resistant ABS, 3D printed, with impregnated metal for higher longevity and durability
  • 3 months or 200 mile warranty, which over comes first
  • 1 purchase is 2 pulleys**
  • Compatible with V2, V3, Mini, Mini-X, Stealth

Select your gear ratio:

  • Boosted Gear Ratio - Compatible with Standard Boosted Belts** No belts included
  • 2-3 mph higher top speed gear ratio*** - does not come with belts 
  • 22% higher acceleration gear ratio*** - Comes with 2 Custom Belts

**Stock Boosted Gear Ratio does not come with belts.

***Claims are based on 80mm Boosted Wheels on a V2 Boosted Board. These are different sized pulleys, so the standard Boosted Belts don't fit. Our high acceleration pulleys do not fit with the factory belt covers; you have to remove those.

Wheel Pattern

We offer two styles of wheel patterns:

  • Kegel: This is the 10 pin style. Compatible with Factory Boosted Wheels, Torque Boards, and more.
  • ABEC: This is a 6 pin star style. Compatible with ABEC 107 wheels, Original Cloud Wheels


  • Our pulleys do not come with bearings.
  • Please allow for 3-5 days for manufacturing time. These are made to order and are not stocked. The website may say they are available to ship now, but we are fixing that bug.