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Hollow Wheels Hubs: Maximum Comfort - Exway | Backfire | Tynee

Hollow Wheels Hubs: Maximum Comfort - Exway | Backfire | Tynee

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Adjustable Suspension Inserts
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🔥In development - estimated shipping July 2024🥳

Hollow Wheels was designed for all-around superb comfort and grip while providing minimal range loss for Hub drivetrains.

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  • Super Comfortable: 50% increase.*
  • High Cornering Grip**
  • Adjustable Suspension: - tweak the wheels with suspension inserts to get your perfect ride.
  • Top Speed: Increases over smaller wheels*
  • Great Battery Range: 10% reduction from stock.
  • 1 order comes with 2 Hollow Wheels and 2 Hollow Hub Wheels

Technical Specs

  • Max Rider + Board Weight: 240lbs (108.8kg)
  • Variable Diameter: 105mm
  • Contact Width: 65mm
  • Weight: 284g (as light as an 85mm Caguama wheel)
  • 75A durometer: Minimal chunking for more durability!
  • Patent Pending


🔥In development - estimated shipping July 2024🥳

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105mm Vs. 80mm

Bigger wheels roll over bumps and help reduce road vibration. This means even more comfort!

Minimal Impact on Range

Notice that the inside wall is completely solid. The wheel has a taper to it (one side is bigger than the other) for two reasons:

1) Reduce rolling resistance when cruising straight.
2) Massive grip and turn-in response in a corner.

When you're going straight, you have a smaller contact patch and you're riding on the solid part of the wheel. So it mimics a road bike. Small contact area and low rolling resistance. However, when you start carving, you unlock more grip because the wheel folds over and exposes more contact patch (65mm).

F1 Inspired High Grip Design

Our wheels have integrated negative camber for faster turn-in response and higher cornering grip. This is designed like a Formula One race car. As you corner harder, you unlock more contact patch when you need it. This reduces rolling resistance and increases range when you are cruising along.

What is an "Adjustable Suspension"?

You can customize your ride to exactly how you want it. Want to coast longer? How about more grip?

The Hollow Wheel provides a fully adjustable suspension in the form of different inserts that can be inserted into the hollow wheel to adjust the stiffness, weight of the wheel which affects rolling resistance and grip.

Heavier the inserts will increase coasting while steadily decreasing comfort. The lighter insert will improve comfort, but reduce coasting distance. This depends heavily on the rider weight and riding preference. Having the insert inside the wheel will improve grip by increasing stiffness.

  • Suspension Insert is not included with purchase of Hollow Wheels.
  • One unit purchase comes with 2 inserts
  • Comes with metal to fill 2 inserts (to adjust weight)