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Quick Disconnect Boosted Board / Backfire Zealot Battery - Swap your battery in 1 minute

Quick Disconnect Boosted Board / Backfire Zealot Battery - Swap your battery in 1 minute

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Remove your battery in one minute or less!

  • How it works: Pull lever and twist to remove. The same technology used on Bicycle Wheel Quick Release!
  • No tools required
  • Compatible: All Boosted Boards, Backfore Zealot - M6-1 bolt thread
  • The Quick Disconnect levers may not line up just as seen in the main photo - Depends on how the nut inside the deck was installed. Alignment does not impact how well they hold the battery. 

Materials - Constructed from the strongest and rust-proof alloys

  • Air Craft Aluminum handle for low weight
  • High Strength Stainless Steel threaded stud

See it in ACTION:


FAQ: Can I leave the battery connector hand tight?

Answer: Yes. I have been riding on my set of prototypes with the connector sufficiently hand tight and rode in snow and rain. Make sure it is definitely tight but you don't need to tighten with a tool.


Why 4 bolts instead of 6?

I thought it might be an issue too but I have over 1000 miles with 4 and no issues.  We have hundreds of customers with no issues. There are a couple load sources - weight of the battery and cyclic loading coming from vibration while riding. We aren’t talking a lot of load placed on the insert connection into the deck, at most the static load is 12.5 lbs per bolt with the total max being 50lbs from the battery ( at least a 2x factor of safety). I looked up the “pull strength” connection of a wood inert and Purdue University publishes a report stating that the amount of force required to pull the insert is about 900lbs... per insert. If you have a V3 deck, it is a stronger deck and there will be even higher resistance. So yes, 4 bolts is only needed both mathematical and also real-world testing back it up.

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