Tynee Pulley Kits
Tynee Pulley Kits
Tynee Pulley Kits
Tynee Pulley Kits
Tynee Pulley Kits

Tynee Pulley Kits

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  • Designed for the Tynee  to swap Hollow Wheels or other Kegel or ABEC style wheels
  • Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic - 3D printed solid
  • Designed and fully tested by Momentum
  • Comes with 300-mile risk-free warranty
  • 1 purchase is 2 pulleys
  • Compatible with all Tynee Models

Kegel Style

This is a pulley with 10 pins. Commonly compatible with wheels such as, Boosted, Torque Boards, Orangutang, etc.

ABEC Style

This pulley is compatible with wheel like ABEC and old version of the Cloud Wheels. 


  • Stock ratio - 32T
  • Higher acceleration 44T (25% relative to 32T) 

Belt Compatibility


  • Includes 2 pulleys with a purchase 
  • Does not include bearings
  • Motor Covers do not come with High Acceleration Pulleys. Stock motor covers will not fit with High Acceleration pulleys as they are much larger in size. 
  • Does not include belts. Requires High Acceleration Pulleys belts. Buy here. Stock belts do not work.