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High Acceleration Boosted Board Belts - 2/3 Day Shipping | 200+ mi | Full Warranty

High Acceleration Boosted Board Belts - 2/3 Day Shipping | 200+ mi | Full Warranty

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Higher Acceleration Boosted Board Belt - Factory Quality for half the price.

  • AS GOOD AS Boosted: 200-500 miles range*
  • 2-DAY SHIPPING: Get it as fast as Amazon
  • RISK-FREE WARRANTY: 150 miles or 1 month (whichever comes first) - If it breaks, we replace for free
  • I've sold thousands with a 96% satisfaction rating on Ebay
  • Sold thousands on Amazon with a 4+/5 star rating
  • 1 set includes two belts
  • Compatible: V2, Plus, Stealth, Mini - fits on all models except for V1 Board
  • Not compatible: with stock gear ratio pulleys (go here instead)

Details about the Pulley Kit - 20% Higher Acceleration!

Who is it for?

  • Riders with Boosted that want even higher acceleration
  • Great for those with larger than stock wheels
  • Returns braking and acceleration to your board with bigger wheels

What are the fine details?

  • Made from impact-resistant urethane
  • Designed to last 1,000+ miles
  • Comes with 500-mile risk-free warranty
  • 1 purchase is 2 pulleys
  • Compatible with V2, V3, Mini, Mini-X, Stealth
  • Stock pulley belts do not fit on these belts. 
  • Comes with two specially designed Momentum Belts for this bigger pulley kit

***Claims are based on 80mm Boosted Wheels on a V2 Boosted Board. These are different sized pulleys, so the standard Boosted Belts don't fit.

I promise you that you'll receive the best customer support you will ever receive ever. Period. I have to make this business work and I will prove to you that this is a great product and company! Reach me at any hour at

Check out the video of the belts here:

 Check out Mike's review video here:

*Mileage depends heavily on riding style, wheel configuration, and rider weight. A 250+ lb rider with a larger diameter than factory wheels that brakes hard and accelerates hard (repeatedly) will have significantly reduced mileage than a 150+lb, stock wheel configuration, gentle accelerating, and braking rider.